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What’s so good about Yeezy foam runners?


Slip-on sandal popularity is stronger than ever.

With more of us working from home since the pandemic, people have come to appreciate the art of lounging around at home.

Comfy slides, recovery slides, dad sandals, slip-on sandals, clogs, mules, whatever you like to call them, they’re all experiencing a boom in popularity.

Even luxury brands are joining the party and releasing their own versions of recovery slides.

Foam Runners are no exception.

But what exactly are Foam Runners? How much do they cost and can you run in them?

In this guide we’ll explore:

  • What are Foam Runners?
  • How do Foam Runners fit?
  • How much are Foam Runners?
  • Where to buy Yeezy Foam Runners?
  • Yeezy Slides vs Foam Runners
  • Can you run in Foam Runners?
  • 3 ways to wear foam runners


Let’s get started.


What are Foam Runners?

First and foremost, it’s only right to explain the name behind the brand Foam Runners.

Yeezy is a brand founded by musical creative Kanye ‘Ye’ West in 2019.

They launched Yeezy Foam Runners in 2020, a distinctive (almost alien-like) sandal that has become highly sought-after footwear.

They combine innovative design with premium and sustainable materials, and come in a range of colors – from earthy tones to stand-out shades.

In terms of design, Foam Runners don’t have any laces – they are simply made from chunky foam that is part algae and part EVA foam.

This simple foam construction means the shoe offers comfort, flexibility, breathability and ventilation.

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How do Foam Runners fit?

Many reviews show that Foam Runners in general are true to size, but they are only available in full sizes.

If you are a half size, the advice is to size up, not down, as they have thick foam in the toe box.

Their design means they cradle your foot, so they stay securely on your feet.

The shoes also have functional ridges underfoot which keep your feet from sliding.

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How much are Foam Runners?

A pair of Yeezy Foam Runners will set you back at least $180.

Some variations can fetch up to $380, so they are by no means inexpensive!

If you’re in the market for your own pair, shop around for the best deal.

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foam runners

Where to buy Yeezy Foam Runners?

adidas teamed up with Yeezy to sell these innovative sandals. As such, you can view them on the adidas website.

However, the sandals are not available to buy all year around.

adidas have launched a sign up page on their website so you can be kept informed of future product launches and releases.

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Yeezy Slides vs Foam Runners

Yeezy launched their Slides shortly before launching their Foam Runners in 2019.

The slides are made from EVA foam and feature a single foot strap and traction on the under sole.

They don’t cradle your foot like the Foam Runners, but they are still comfortable to wear.

Here are the differences and similarities between Yeezy Slides and Foam Runners:

Yeezy Slides

  • Can be worn indoors and outdoors
  • Prices start at roughly $120
  • Come in a variety of shades and colors
  • Made from EVA foam
foam runners

Yeezy Foam Runners

  • Can be worn indoors and outdoors
  • Prices start at roughly $180
  • Come in a variety of shades and colors
  • Features a sculptured heel and textured footbed for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Made in part from algae and EVA foam
foam runners

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Can you run in Foam Runners?

Foam Runners, much like recovery slides, are designed for ultimate comfort.

As such, they are not designed to be worn for exercise like running.

It is recommended you wear the right footwear for whatever activity you are doing.

If you’re running, you need to find the right running shoes that support and stabilise your feet in the proper way.

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foam runners

3 ways to wear Foam Runners

#1 Wear them after an intense workout

Shoes like Foam Runners are designed to provide comfort and they work by reducing pressure and demand on your feet.

This in turn helps to reduce any fatigue, pain and tightness in your legs and feet.

#2 Wear them after a long run

Your feet will likely feel hot, sweaty and swollen after a long run, so slipping a pair of recovery sandals will allow them to breathe and relax.

Foam Runners have slits in the side to allow for extra breathability and ventilation.

#3 Wear them lounging around the house

If you’re planning a stay-at-home day, recovery sandals are the best companions for your feet.

Whether you’re lounging, cleaning or planning simple activities, you can provide your feet with added comfort by wearing shoes like Foam Runners.

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