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10 funny running quotes and sayings all runners can relate to


There have been lots of funny running quotes and sayings over the years.

We runners just love making fun of those experiences that are commonplace in the running community.

A lot of runners can relate to the funny, hilarious and embarrassing moments that we all have.

Whether it’s a mid-run toilet break, a unplanned trip, or a bad run – whatever the situation, it’s always good to see the positive in everything and not let it get you down.

After all, you will come back stronger!

This is why funny running quotes and sayings are great to have in your back pocket for some added running motivation.

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funny running quotes and sayings

Funny running quotes and sayings

Laundry day

I have endless amounts of laundry – all running gear! It may seem like a never ending pile of laundry, but it’s all worth it in the end.


Escape life’s problems

There’s no doubt, running has many physical and mental benefits. So, if you have a bad day at work, just head out for a run!

funny running quotes and sayings

The long Sunday run

The long Sunday run is sacred for a lot of runners. Your weekend isn’t complete without it!


Traffic? What traffic?

Oh my, the amount of times I could’ve ran somewhere quicker. 


Running shoes

We runners don’t mind spending £100+ on a decent pair of running shoes. Don’t judge!

funny running quotes and sayings

Running gear

Yup, I have a wardrobe full of running gear. I feel like it takes up my whole bedroom some days.


Local runs

We runners have honed our internal compass through years of running.


Runner problems

The green-eyed monster soon comes out when you see someone else running. 

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funny running quotes and sayings

One mile in

The internal compass strikes again!

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Doctor, doctor

This is especially annoying when you have a running injury or illness, you just want to get out back and running as soon as possible.

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Caroline Geoghegan