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7 must have running accessories you didn’t know you needed


One of the best things about running is that it is a relatively low cost sport. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and some basic running gear to get started.

As you clock up the miles you may find there are some must have running accessories that can make your runs that much easier. 

Here are my 7 must have running accessories you didn’t know you needed.

must have running accessories

7 must have running accessories you didn’t know you needed


If you find yourself squinting on your runs then a pair of sunglasses are just what you need to protect your eyes. 

Sunglasses are an essential running accessory in the summer months to keep harmful UV rays at bay. They are also great for winter running, especially if you regularly run in climates with snow and wind.

When it comes to choosing a good pair of sunglasses for running, you want a pair that will wrap around your face and won’t jump around as you run. These sunglasses from Zillerate are stylish and affordable. 

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Running belt

One of the trickiest things as a runner is knowing where to put your valuables as you run. Arm bands often slide down and sticking your phone in your sports bra whilst you run is not too appealing. 

A running belt can hold things like a phone and your house keys in place whilst you run. One of the most popular running belt brands is Flipbelt as it offers a no bounce, even design and doesn’t have buckles which can cause uncomfortable chafing. 

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must have running accessories

Running socks

Proper running socks are massively underestimated when it comes to essential running gear. In my opinion, a good pair of running socks are worth their weight in gold. They can help prevent blisters and provide extra support for your feet. 

When it comes to buying a good pair of running socks, there are plenty of brands out there that provide affordable quality socks. The top of my list are Karrimoor with their range of running socks that won’t break the bank.

Salomon also provides a range of quality running and trail running socks. 

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GPS watch

There are so many quality sports watches on the market nowadays as more and more people take up running. It can be overwhelming though knowing which watch to choose. 

You may already be using an app like Strava or MapMyRun on your phone to track your runs. These often do the job perfectly fine and are often free. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in a GPS sports watch, then are a few good watches out there to keep your eye on. 

My top pick is the Garmin Forerunner 235 sports watch as it provides everything a runner could need to track their run and performance. I personally use this watch on my runs and you can find my review of it here

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must have running accessories

Foam roller

A foam roller is an essential piece of equipment for any runner looking to stay injury-free for longer. The benefits of foam rolling are numerous – it improves circulation and increases blood flow to muscles. 

Foam rolling is also integral to loosening up tight and stiff muscles, something I’m sure every runner has experienced after a long run or intensive session. 

So next time you’re looking to loosen up and give your muscles that extra TLC, invest in a foam roller. My top pick is the Trigger Point Foam Roller as it is ideal for dense tissue or deeper muscle compression, and allows for a more realistic massage experience.

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Running backpack

I remember searching high and low for a good running backpack years ago when I decided to run to and from work in order to increase my weekly mileage when I was training for a half marathon. 

Also known as ‘run commuting’, running to work is a great way to fit in those extra miles if you lead a busy lifestyle. Running to work is very tricky however if you have nowhere to put your stuff. This is where a running backpack comes in. 

My favourite running backpack to this day is the Gregory Maya 16 backpack. Although it isn’t designed as a running backpack, it is ideal for carrying all your work clothes and other bits like your shoes and laptop.

Even better, it has been designed with the female form in mind, meaning it actually fits a woman’s back. 

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must have running accessories

Running hat

Running during the winter can be brutal, especially if you live somewhere like the UK where rain, wind and snow are prevalent throughout the winter months. 

A running hat is essential to provide much needed insulation and keep your ears nice and toasty. 

This running beanie from Ronhill is a simple and affordable hat for any runner looking to keep their noggin warm this winter. 

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Caroline Geoghegan