Thoughts while running: 45 thoughts every runner has while out for a run

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I have many thoughts while running. Often, it’s just you and your mind for well over half an hour. Running offers you that much needed peace and quiet, away from our modern lifestyles.

We’ve all been there. You go for a run and you have a million and one thoughts going through your mind. 

“Why do I feel so tired already?” 

“How fast should I be going?”

“Do I even like running?”

Many runners think they are the only ones to have these types of random thoughts while running, but you’d be surprised to know that you’re not alone!

In fact, we runners are notorious for having those inner monologues with ourselves. After all, when you’re alone for miles on end, you become your own best friend. 

Recently, I came across Strava’s 2020 study on running motivation and why we run. In this study, they described five runner types: passionate, invested, fitness, mindful and reluctant runners. Unsurprisingly, the reluctant runner came out top with 28% of runners claiming to be reluctant runners. 

This got me thinking about the ways in which we fall into the habit of becoming reluctant runners, and how we often convince ourselves not to go for a run, or try and sabotage ourselves when we are on a run. 

Our thoughts while running play a large role in this self-sabotage. But instead of fearing these thoughts, I think it’s wise to embrace them and see them for what they are!

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thoughts while running


Thoughts while running: 45 thoughts every runner has while out for a run

  1. Wow, what a beautiful day for a run.

  2. Oh my gaaadddd I’ve been running for less than 1 minute and I already feel out of breath.

  3. This feels awful! My body just doesn’t want to run today…

  4. I think I’ll just run 5k today. That feels achievable.

  5. How fast should I be going? I feel like I could go a bit faster.

  6. Oh nope. Too fast.

  7. Okay it’s starting to feel a little bit easier. How far have I been running?


  9. Do I even like running?

  10. I wonder what I look like when I run.

  11. I feel like a leaping gazelle.

  12. Oh look another runner. I better speed up and breath a little harder.

  13. I’m going to take over…

  14. Wow that felt great.

  15. Ok I’m going to slow down now. I better run this way so they don’t see me slowing down.

  16. What are these people doing in front of me? Can they not hear me coming? Move out of the way, people!

  17. Maybe if I pound my feet harder they’ll hear me coming and let me pass.

  18. I hope they don’t think some mad woman chasing them.

  19. Okay, the road it is.

  20. Cyclists you’re just going to have to let me pass. You can swerve.

thoughts while running


21. Ah a pedestrian crossing. Hurry up green light, hurry up green light.

22. Oh my god it’s the longest red light EVER!

23. I better jog on the spot so it looks like I’m taking this seriously.

24. Finally! Now I’m free!

25. Wow. This feels great. I feel like I could run forever.

26. But wait, if I run four more miles, that means I have to run six miles back. Can I do that?

27. Is it cheating if I get the train back?

28. Soooo looking forward to nice warm shower when I get back. I feel like a sweaty mess.

29. What should I eat? Something healthy…

30. But a pizza would go down a treat right now. Ooh and a chocolate milkshake! They’re good for you right?

thoughts while running

31. Yes, that’s right, I’m running. Stare all you like.

32. Wow that jogger looks so serene. How can she look so amazing whilst running?

33. I wonder what I look like when running?

34. Oh no is that a blister I can feel? Better run faster…

35. I’m so close to home yay!

36. So, a running a marathon means I’d have to do this run SEVEN times.

37. …………

38. I’d need to train for like, forever!

39. But everyone looks so happy when they do the London Marathon.

40. I’m going to sign up for it.

41. Yayyy! Home time. Now I really need the loo.

42. Wow. I feel great. I feel like I could do that all over again.

43. Maybe not.

44. Now for a lovely hot shower. I deserve it.

45. I guess running isn’t so bad after all.

thoughts while running


Caroline Geoghegan

Caroline Geoghegan (aka Run With Caroline) helps people become faster and stronger runners. She started her blog in 2018 to share her passion for running. Caroline is a UK Athletics qualified Run Leader and Run Coach and NASM qualified Personal Trainer.

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  1. Kitta

    This was hilarious. I think my favorite one was I just started why am I already tired! I think it’s just having to get my body warmed up. I literally start running from my doorstep. I don’t stretch or anything. Oh oh and then I wonder how I look running. I tell myself I need to make this look easy. If it doesn’t look easy well then I need to get my body under control. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Run With Caroline

      It’s so true though isn’t it! I think many runners think they are alone with their thoughts, but no! Every runner, no matter their experience, has these types of thoughts! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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