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Top 6 female running and fitness bloggers to follow in 2021


There are so many inspiring female running and fitness bloggers out there that I thought it was about time I wrote a post to share my love for them.

The Guardian newspaper recently reported that women are behind the huge increase in running and cycling in 2020. This is fantastic news for all the women who are passionate about improving their physical and mental health, especially during these crazy times.

So if you’re looking for motivation to get out there and take up running, cycling, or any sport for that matter, then these women on this list will go a long way to inspire you to get off your bum and do it.

On a more personal note, my blog was mentioned in Feedspot’s top 100 women’s running and fitness blogs to follow in 2021. Although blogging isn’t all about awards and mentions for me, it still gives me a huge sense of achievement and spurs me on to do even better with this blog.

This list also got me thinking about the female bloggers that I look up to and have looked up to for a few years now. These ladies have not only inspired me to become a better runner, but they have inspired me to reach even more heights with my blog. 

Here are my personal top favourite 6 female running and fitness bloggers to follow in 2021.

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female running and fitness bloggers

Top 6 female running and fitness bloggers to follow in 2021

The Runner Beans

The Runner Beans is one of the first blogs I started reading all those years ago. 

Written by Charlie Watson, a registered dietician working for the NHS, it’s a blog about balancing marathon training, work and active travel adventures, plus nutritional advice specifically for runners. 

I’m always amazed by how much Charlie manages to accomplish with her running whilst holding down a full time job within the NHS. She is a huge inspiration to a lot of women navigating the world of running. 

In December 2019, Charlie published her first book ‘Cook Eat Run’ which is a no-nonsense approach to eating for runners and athletes of all levels. 

Lazy Girl Running

Laura Fountain is the Run Leader and Run Coach behind Lazy Girl Running. Laura also writes for Women’s Running magazine. 

Laura’s coaching business Lazy Girl Running is what inspired me to start my own running group in January 2019, and she regularly shares tips on how to become a better run leader and run coach. 

I love the fact that Laura is so passionate about getting people to start their running journey in the first place. She regularly offers Couch to 5k and steady 5k running groups in and around London. 

female running and fitness bloggers

Run With Meg

Meg Takacs is a New York-based running coach that specialises in coaching runners to perform more efficiently, faster and injury-free through her carefully designed programmes. 

Meg shares creative and innovative workouts on her Instagram page, and shares tips on running and strength training via her blog Run With Meg

Her passion for running and breakthrough training methods are inspiring! Head on over to her Instagram page if you want to learn a thing or two about speed, recovery and how to keep in optimal mental and physical shape. 

Badass Lady Gang

Kelly Roberts is the founder of Badass Lady Gang – a community of women runners created to connect, motivate and inspire women to get active in ways that empower them.

On her blog and Instagram page, Kelly is hilariously frank about her running journey to date and how growing up she was convinced that she wasn’t a “real runner”. But it was through running that she managed to find a way to cope with grief and depression. 

Kelly’s perspective on the ups and downs of running is what makes her blog and the wonderful community she has created through Badass Lady Gang so awesome! Not everyone is born to be an elite athlete and that is ok. 

female running and fitness bloggers

Food Fitness Flora

Flora Beverley is the face behind Food Fitness Flora – a food and fitness blog. Flora writes about her passion for healthy living and fitness and regularly posts snaps of her running adventures on her Instagram page.

On top of food and fitness, Flora has a keen interest in sustainability and mental health which are two things which actually appealed to me when I first came across Flora’s Instagram page a few years ago. 

Run Mummy Run

Leanne Davies is the wonder woman behind the leading online community for women runners that is Run Mummy Run

Mum of two Leanne started Run Mummy Run in 2012 which started as a small Facebook group for herself and two friends. Fast forward to today and it has become one of the UK’s largest running communities with over 60k members. 

Caroline Geoghegan