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10 funny running memes to brighten your day


We all love running, right? Right?! It’s true to say that many people have a love hate relationship with running. One week you can feel on top of the world, the next it feels like the hardest thing EVER!

Funny running memes like the ones in this post are what keep running fun and enjoyable.  After all, I’m down for anything that keeps you going on those grueling, long, winter runs.

Whilst running is a great solo sport, it also brings people together. Many runners have shared experiences through running, including those funny and hilarious moments.

So, whether you’re a beginner runner or have been running for years, I’m sure you can relate to these funny running memes.

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funny running memes

Tips to keep running fun

Before I share my top 10 funny running memes, here are some tried and tested tips to keep running fun.

  • Switch up your training routine. It’s always a good idea to switch up your training routine once in a while to keep it fun and exciting. Workouts like interval trainingtempo running, hill repeats and strides are all great ways to keep running exciting.
  • Run with a friend or as part of a group. If you’re missing some much-needed companionship on your runs, then why not run with a friend or as part of a group. Group running can have such a positive impact not only on your running, but your mental health too.
  • Try a different route. Running is a great way to explore what your local area has to offer. Research a different route and give it a try. Trail running is becoming ever more popular as more and more people seek more adventurous terrains for their runs.
  • Listen to your favourite podcast or audiobook. A podcast or audiobook offers some variety on your runs, and takes you away from your own thoughts.
  • Try active travel. Instead of driving or using public transport to reach your destination, why not run instead! Whilst this requires a bit of forward planning, it’s a great way to get your weekly miles in and switch up your running routine.
  • Sign up for a race or event. There are so many running races, events and challenges out there nowadays – all catering for different tastes and interests. One of the best ways to rediscover your running mojo is to sign up for a race or event and become accountable for your runs. Parkrun is probably one of the simplest ways to take part in an event. It’s free and takes place every Saturday morning in many locations across the globe.

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funny running memes

Don’t enjoy running? Determine your ‘why’

If you find it hard to enjoy running, before you throw in the towel completely, find your ‘why’.

Many people start running with the mistaken belief that it has to be hard and dreadful. This simply isn’t the case. If anything, running can bring so many mental and emotional benefits, as well as physical.

Cardio for cardio’s sake really doesn’t cut the mustard for a lot of people.

Think about how running makes you feel and why you wanted to start running in the first place. Whether it be to become healthier, stronger or simply to get outdoors more, find the motivating factor that will get you out of the door each day.

Articulating the ways in which running has positive effects on your life will make it a lot easer for you to enjoy it and keep at it.

And it doesn’t all have to be about pace, distance, medals and race times – simply running by feel is enough for some people.

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funny running memes

10 funny running memes to brighten your day

Hey girl, keep running

Because we all need a bit of Ryan Gosling in our lives! And wine and puppies…


Crab walk

This one is for the Lord of the Rings fans out there. The pain is real after a long run!


Marathon, what marathon?

Yep, everyone sets their sights on running a marathon but the feeling you get after doing one is both euphoric and painful!

top 10 running memes blog 2

Is there any such thing as a good race photo?

I feel your pain here. I don’t think a good race photo exists!


The haters gonna hate

If I had a pound for every time someone said to me “why would you do that to yourself?” when I told them I’m going for a run I’d be a millionaire! Ignore the haters y’all.

top 10 running memes blog 1

The dreadmill

Ahhh treadmills. You either love them or you hate them.

After An Hour On The Treadmill

We all know THAT face

The head bob. The universal sign for runners that someone doesn’t just get why you run.

Running Meme 4

This girl is on fire

We runners have to face the fact that there will be muscle soreness, but my gosh when your quads hurt, they hurt!


Slow and steady wins the race

I’m not going to lie, this is one of the best feelings in the world!

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Simply put – we all love running!